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About SCAA

The South Collegiate Alumni Association was founded in February 1999, with a Constitution and slate of Officers established at the first Annual Meeting in May, 1999.

The purpose of this association is to help the school maintain a high standard of excellence, through financial aid and advice, and to provide a formal structure for the ongoing development of the relationships and accomplishments of all those who have been a part of South Collegiate throughout its history.

Annual Meeting: 1st Wednesday of May
Membership Fee: $10 annually (guarantees delivery of the Newsletter)

Executive (elected for 3-year term in May 2008)

President Pete Telford (Teacher 1978-1998)
Vice President Kelly (Fitzgerald) Kleinhans (1980)
Secretary Mike Bloxam (2001)
Treasurer Carolyn MacVicar (1980)
Director Knute Dohnberg (1965)
Director Bob Johnston (1956)
Director Summer (Jones) Burton  (1992)
Director Betty Telford (Teacher 1974-1999)
Director Andrea (Fewster) Manias (1970)
Director Dan Knight (2007)

Summary of Activities

Here is a summary of the activities of the Association during the 2009-2010 school year:

  1. Organized South’s third  “Homecoming” – a day which saw over 750 alumni return to the school for a double-header football match, a basketball match, a golf tournament, and  a social “tail-gate style” gathering on the Ramp
  2. Presented the South 75th Anniversary Award to staff-member Andrea Manias
  3. Published 2 editions (Fall ’09 and Spring ’10) of Lions’ Pride, the Alumni Newsletter (each issue was post-mailed to 500 recipients, and e-mailed to 1500 recipients)
  4. Presented 20 graduating students with $50 awards for achieving over 90% in their graduating year (2009), as well as  a $100 award to the Scholar of the Year, and a $100 award to a student for “outstanding participation in sports and extra-curricular activities”
  5. Successfully petitioned the Thames Valley District School Board to restore the original name of  “London South Collegiate Institute” to the school (June ’09)
  6. Staged the 26th annual Alumni Basketball Tournament in January, 2010
  7. Organized the display of designs for “beautification of the South grounds”, done by   
    35 students of Fanshawe College’s Department of Landscape Design (which are presently in the process of being evaluated)
  8. Entered an Alumni booth at South London’s Gathering on the Green (June ’09), which attracted over 100 alumni visitors and friends
  9. Contributed $1,000 to the installation of hardware for the new curtains in the South Auditorium.



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